When Will Online Sports Betting be Legal in North Carolina

When Will Online Sports Betting be Legal in North Carolina

The landscape of sports betting in the United States has been rapidly evolving over the past few years, with various states legalizing and regulating this form of gambling. North Carolina, like many other states, has been considering the legalization of online sports betting. This article explores the factors and potential timeline that could influence the legality of online sports betting in North Carolina.

Current Status of Sports Betting in North Carolina

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, North Carolina had taken steps towards legalizing sports betting, but only in the context of in-person betting at tribal casinos. In July 2019, Governor Roy Cooper signed Senate Bill 154 into law, allowing the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to operate sportsbooks at their casinos in the western part of the state. This marked the first step towards acknowledging the popularity of sports betting and its potential revenue generation.

Factors Influencing Legalization

Several factors could play a significant role in determining when online sports betting might become legal in North Carolina:

  1. Legislative Progress: The progression of bills and legislative initiatives is a crucial determinant. If lawmakers introduce and pass bills in favor of online sports betting, it could expedite the legalization process.
  2. Public Support: Public opinion can sway legislators. If there is substantial public support for online sports betting, lawmakers might be more motivated to move forward with legalization efforts.
  3. Economic Incentives: The potential for increased tax revenue from online sports betting could incentivize the state to legalize and regulate the industry. Especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, states are seeking alternative revenue sources.
  4. Neighboring States: If neighboring states legalize online sports betting, North Carolina might feel pressured to follow suit to prevent a loss of potential revenue to neighboring jurisdictions.
  5. Tribal Compacts: Any expansion of gambling, including online sports betting, would likely require negotiations with tribal entities. The existing compact with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians could impact the terms of online sports betting legalization.
  6. Regulatory Framework: Establishing a regulatory framework that ensures consumer protection and responsible gambling is crucial. Lawmakers would need to address issues such as age restrictions, geolocation technology, and problem gambling support.

Potential Timeline

Predicting an exact timeline for the legalization of online sports betting in North Carolina is challenging due to the variables involved. However, looking at the experiences of other states, a possible timeline could involve several stages:

  1. Introduction of Bills (2023-2024): Lawmakers might introduce bills related to online sports betting in the coming legislative sessions.
  2. Debate and Discussions (2024-2025): Legislators would debate the pros and cons of online sports betting, considering economic benefits, social concerns, and regulatory frameworks.
  3. Public Input and Amendments (2025): Public hearings and feedback sessions might occur to gauge public sentiment and gather input for potential amendments.
  4. Passage and Implementation (2025-2026): If bills are passed, the state could work on implementing regulations, setting up licensing processes, and establishing partnerships with operators.
  5. Launch of Online Sports Betting (Late 2026 or Beyond): Online sports betting platforms could become operational once all necessary regulations are in place, and operators are licensed.


The journey towards legalizing online sports betting in North Carolina involves a complex interplay of legislative action, public opinion, economic considerations, and regulatory frameworks. While the exact timeline remains uncertain, the steps taken by other states in the US provide a roadmap for how the process might unfold. As developments continue, North Carolina residents and stakeholders eagerly await the state’s decision on whether to embrace the world of online sports betting.

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