Where is online sports betting legal

Where is online sports betting legal?

Sports betting has evolved as an eminent domain of online sports gambling in the last few years. It became possible just because of the Supreme Court’s verdict, which opened the way in 2018 to online wagering through a single-state legalization process within its borders. While most countries are now involved in this authorized and legit online sports betting, on the flip side, some countries are still prohibited from this potential earning platform.

At the beginning of 2023, the District of Columbia and 33 other states had permission to legitimize gambling. Twenty-four states under government jurisdiction are enlisted in this 33 states list. 

Here, categorically we will outline all states that have their legit online sports betting platforms according to some specific rules imposed by the Supreme Court. If you are interested in sports wagering, look into it:

2018 U.S. Supreme Court’s Role in Sports Betting

The U.S. Supreme Court legalized gambling by opening the door for online sports betting according to the regulation set by Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association. The rules and justice reckoned PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) unlawful. A few years back, PASPA prohibited all legit gambling platforms for professionals and collegegoers involved in online sports.

Congress formalized a law in 1992 to impede the wave of online sports wagering in places other than Nevada, excerpting the massive money-depurating schemes and sinful acts. Effectively, the government handed over the monopoly of single online sports wagering.

The betting prohibition persisted throughout decades outside of Nevada. But, the outside of Nevada persisted for decades, despite the expansion of unscriptural sports betting similar to the casino world.

After that, The Supreme Court decided to mitigate the prohibition barrier and announced that individual state could run their own online sports betting platforms within their respective perimeter. This decision drastically changed the scenario within a significantly shorter period and led many states to immerse into these lucrative money-earning spaces with specific regulations.

Here you will get the answer to the question, “Where is online sports betting legal?”. We have outlined lists of states open to legit sports betting followed by the set rules of the Supreme Court.

Legal, Taking Bets (35 Total States)

  • States where online sportsbooks are legit (25)
  • Inperson legal states (4)
  • Upcoming states about to offer legit sports gambling
  • Limited mobile betting states (1)

States Where Online Betting is Legal

1. Arizona 

2. Arkansas 

3. Colorado 

4. Connecticut 

5. District of Columbia 

6. Illinois 

7. Indiana 

8. Lowa 

9. Kansas 

10. Louisiana 

11. Maryland 

12. Massachusetts 

13. Michigan 1

4. Nevada 

15. New Hampshire 

16. New Jersey 

17. New York 

18. Ohio 

19. Oregon 

20. Pennsylvania 

21. Rhode Island 

22. Tennessee 

23. Virginia 

24. West Virginia 

25. Wyoming

In-Person Legit States

  1. Delaware 2. Mississippi 3. North Carolina 4. South Dakota

Upcoming Potential States To Offer Legal Betting Platforms

  1. California 2. Florida 3. Maine 4. Nebraska

Limited Mobile Betting Option

  1. Washington DC

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